Monday, February 25, 2008

Gparted and Philips 169GB usb HDD

Since I got the MacBook, I've really hardly at all used the Philips HDD. So, with the experience I gained in recent days with FreeBSD, I decided to (at least) try to put FreeBSD on the usb HDD as well as possibly others such s Solaris and Arch Linux (of which I've heard so much -- being very well documented with a lively forum).
Of wha was already on there I've only kept the DSL and the 80GB ntfs partition.
In retrospect I probably should also have kept the Mandriva partitions as my recebt attempts to get Mandriva working on the Mac from the Seagate HDD have been unsuccessful (even with MCNL which worked without problem on the Philips).
The resizing/repartitioning changes I made with Gparted were very time-consuming but particularly due to the 80GB ntfs partition.
As this is probably not going to change either in size or formatting in the near future, it probbly would be a lot better to have this as the very last partition. Then everything else can change as necessary while leaving this one untouched. I believe that would greatly speed up the Gparted activities here.
Another noteworthy observation is that the FreeBSD filesystem (ufs), although present in Gparted's lis of available filesystems is actually grayed out. Not sure what this means, but could be that Gparted just can't handle partitions with ufs formatting which could be a problem in the future if I manage to get FreeBSD working from this device.

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