Monday, February 25, 2008

Trying to install FreeBSD 6.3 on Philips 160 GB usb HDD

Afetr partitioning this drive and leaving a 15GB logical partition for FreeBSD, I had a go at installing it today.
However, when I got to the partitioning part of the install, I noticed that FreeBSD did not seem to recognise the logical partitions on the drive.
So, it saw the primary 3GB ext3 partition, the 2.5GB swpa partition (also primary) and the extended partition (147GB) but nothing else.
The only other time I've installed FreeBSD was to a virtual disk (VMware Server) whre it didn't seem to have any problem in recognising this disk (which of course was completely unpartitioned).
Anyway, this was a bit of a setback to my attempts to install FreeBSD.
So, I then set about re-arranging the partitions on the drive to give a 15GB primary partition for FreeBSD.
I'll try the install again tomorrow.

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