Thursday, February 07, 2008

Fusion-icon blue cube icon

I had a problem yesterday which meant I had to re-install gutsy on my MacBook. So, although I have a /home, I still lost a few things like, Opera 9.50, madwifi, Compiz-Fusion +Icon, all of the /OS directories in /boot where I store the kernel files for OSes I want to boot from an external drive.
The only one I had any problem with was fusion-icon which I installed from here.
However, amazingly I had exactly the same problem only 2 weeks ago and forgot all about it.
The solution is here.
I got wireless back very easily following this guide although I didn't do any of this stuff:

sudo sed -i~ 's/^exit 0/modprobe ath_pci\nexit 0/' /etc/rc.local
sudo sed -i~ 's/^exit 0/modprobe wlan_scan_sta\nexit 0/' /etc/rc.local
sudo sed -i~ 's/^exit 0/iwpriv ath0 bgscan 0\nexit 0/' /etc/rc.local

although I did some of the usual madwifi command line stuff.
Actually, however, I believe I should just have rebooted without the Ethernet cable plugged in and wireless would have start up by itself.

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