Thursday, February 07, 2008


Tried various times to get Mandriva 2008 (just downloaded to CD yesterday) to boot from Seagate ext drive but can't get this to work. I remember I had the same unresolved problem with Mandriva 2007.
So, as there doesn't seem to be an updated version of MCNL2007, which worked well for me (last July), I decided to try it again.
Could get it to boot OK, but ONLY by using the full vmlinuz and initrd.img numbers in the menu.lst. When I used vmlinuz and initrd.img it didn't boot.
However, I seem to be running into exactly the same problems as the last time with no Internet connectivity and problems with Beryl giving totally white cube sides (but caps are visible).
Here's a long thread I made with MCNL forums last year where a lot of detail is provided.
Another useful Mandriva thread that I had used the last time is here (including it here, as if I need it, I probably wouldn't be able to find it).

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