Sunday, February 17, 2008

Getting Pandora Radio ouside USA

Well, I really got Tor+Privoxy working in Firefox today and, sure enough, the country shown in my IP analyser changed from Ireland to USA to Germany to Greece. So, it seems I have truly become anonymous.
The trick was using the third addition to this earlier post in my other blog.
Note however that browsing does become noticeably slower.
So, then I tried Pandora Radio and it opened fine and I was able to play a few songs.
Then it started having problems and making excuses and eventually it said that as I was in Greece it couldn't play radio for me.
So, it seems you still need Tor to pretend you're in the USA. Not sure how this can be done but I'll look into it.
I had seen this post quite some time ago and, honestly, despite having tried a number of the choices offered, never got even one of them to work for me.
So, I tried again today and, guess what, not one of them worked once again. In a few of them, Pandora actually opened but seemed to stall and never got any further than a blank opening page.
In the last one i tried, Pandora opened apologising for the fact that it couldn't play radio for me as I was i Ireland -- and it provided my exact external IP.
So, up to now, Tor+Privoxy is the only one that comes close. Problem here is that the exit IP moves around from country to country.
17/02/2008: Just an update on what I wrote yesterday, really Tor+Privoxy is the only one that comes any way close to working here.
Today, I was able to register my old Pandora name (email) + password and it come back with my old stations.
Then it played for more than an hour without interruption even though the proxy was coming from places like Germany, France, Greece and Russia as well as the USA. This didn't seem to bother it although I couldn't say I "liked or disliked" music as it then said it had a problem.
Nevertheless, to connect in the first place, the proxy must be from USA. Any other country and it will have "an unexpected problem that its engineers are scrambling to fix".
Also, don't seem to be able to change the station as, if i do, it just stalls.
Not great, but better than nothing.

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