Sunday, March 16, 2008

Back to Haiku

Downloaded the Haiku superpack for 10-03-08 which comes as a .7z file. But once you have p7zip and unrar (don't know if this last one is necessary), you can extract the file from the context menu.
Then to get it to work as a VM in VMware Server, it's just a matter of dragging it to the folder where you keep your VMs.
A few interesting points I noticed this time around:
i) once again, a NAT network configuration gives no internet but once you edit this to bridged, you get internet immediately.
The developer guy I had mentioned this to had responded to me about this internet problem and he said he sometimes gets internet problems too with Haiku and suggested using a static IP as a way to get around the problem.
ii) There's no xorg.conf in Haiku. To change the screen resolution you go Leaf>Preferences>Screen and then pick your required resolution from the drop-down box.
iii) Still haven't installed Links but might get around to this tonight. The command line to download Links is


and then copy the expanded file to /boot/home/config/bin and then type links in a Terminal to launch the browser

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