Wednesday, March 19, 2008

eyeOS -- getting files from your "real" computer

I tried this today and it's very easy but with just a few hitches.

Let's say you want a few .mp3 files to play on eyeOS. Just click on Home icon, select a directory to upload to (probably Music) then click on Upload Files. Now you can chosse a file from your Ubuntu (in my case) directory tree. Obviously, this can include anywhere on your computer provided you have all the other partitions mounted in Ubuntu. Forexample, the music files I uploaded were all from my Mac OSX partition.

Once you've chosen just hit Upload and it should show up in your Music directory -- but only after you close the upload dialog box.

However, there are some problems. First, in my case the /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini file had limited the maximum upload size to only 2 MB. So, I edited the php.ini file and changed this line

; Maximum allowed size for uploaded files.
upload_max_filesize = 2M

to read 30M rather than 2M. I also changed this line 

max_execution_time = 30 ; Maximum execution time of each script, in seconds

to read 500 seconds rather than 30 seconds to allow for uploading the larger files.

However, I was surprised to find that files of up to 6.5 MB all uploaded almot instantaneously. At my normal upload rate of 25 kB/s, a 6.5 MB file should require nearly 5 minutes to upload. This suggests that this is not real uploading using the internet but some type of internal file transfer. I posted to the eyeOS forum about this but haven't gotten any  useful answer on this yet.

Another surprise was that the change I made to php.ini certainly allowed me to "upload" files in excess of 2 MB but not up to the 30MB that I had substituted in the php.ini file. The biggest file I was able to upload was 6.5 MB, and the smallest which refused to upload was 9.3 MB I don't understand this at all.

I was also able to upload photos and text documents without problem other than the upload size thing again. The .mp3 files played perfectly on the vlc player without any configuration. Photos showed up but it proved a little difficult manipulating the open photo so you could see everything.

I uploaded one pdf file whch I couldn't open in eyeOS. Seems there's no pdf reader as yet.

The big question for me now is: will the files I uploaded from my "real" computer be equally accessible in eyeOS if I opened it from a different computer?

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