Thursday, March 20, 2008

Problems with build 1875 of Opera 9.50 Beta 2

I had wanted to install Opera 9.50 for some time in ArchLinux as the 9.26 that was there has no flash.

So, I tried the newest build 1875 shared.6 Downloaded the .tar.bz2, extracted it and then installed with ./

This installed OK and picked up all of the speed dial settings from the earlier version. However, although all other sites opened fine, Gmail just wouldn't open. It started to open, got as far as "loading" but went no further.

Posted to the Opera forum and learnt that this was a known problem particularly in the Windows version. Deleting cache and cookies seems to have worked for some.

So, I tried this. Now Gmail opened without problems. However, if I now shut down and tried to open Gmail again, I get the old problem. So you'd have to empty the cache every time before starting Gmail.

This other uy then told me the ArchLinux has, besides Opera, an opera-devel in its repos. So, I installed this and this turned out to be 9.50 build 1834. This worked perfectly in Arch and Gmail opened fine. So, conclusion is that build 1875 has a problem with Gmail.

Incidentally, I got an awful lot of errors trying to install opera-devel (conflicting files). the only way I could get rid of these errors was to do a Find on all files and folders called Opera and delete them all. I had previously tried pacman -xx opera (-devel) where xx was R, Rs or Rd in various attempts to delete opera and its dependencies but none worked.

I had earlier tried the Mac version of this build of Opera and though this installed fine, I just couldn't get it to start at all. So, had to delete this and reinstall 9.26 in OS X.

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