Monday, March 31, 2008

Foresight Linux

Installed this distro yesterday (v.2.0) and it installed perfectly.

However, had a problem with screen resolution in that couldn't go above 1024x768 despite making the appropriate changes to /etc/X11/xorg.conf

Posted to the Foresight forums and quickly got a reply asking what my video card and driver were. Then I saw that it was necessary to define the card from a drop-down list and pick the appropriate driver. So, after picking nVidia GeForce4 MX 420 and nv driver, I changed these in xorg.conf for the initial videocard0 and vesa. However, now, although very many more possible screen resolutions were available, the biggest was 800x600. Don't understand this.

Was able to install opera 9.50 bld 1834 through conary.

All-in-all, looks reasonable and resembles Ubuntu very much. Worth more exploration 

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  1. Paul, thanks for the comments on Foresight.

    Not sure exactly why you can't go larger than 800x600, you may need to add some higher resolutions via the Modes line in your xorg.conf:

    "1280x1024" "1024x768" etc

    If you have any questions, stop by #foresight on Freenode IRC. (Our resident xorg expert is doniphon).

    Paul Cutler
    Community Manager