Friday, March 14, 2008

Got AWN-extras in ArchLinux

I tried quite some time with this but finally I got it to work.
In AUR, there are two versions of AWN-extars available. awn-extras-applets-0.2.6 and awn-extras-bzr
I had tried the first on eyesterday but I was rushing ahead without reading how to install these packages.
Just for future references, the correct method is:
1. Install ALL of the dependencies (pacman -S "package" works nearly everytime)
2. Download the package and extract it after movoing it to a preferred location
3. Build with "# makepkg --asroot" (The --asroot is recommended to avaoid messing up your entire system should things go wrong)
4. A package.pkg.tar.gz will be formed in the working directory. Install this (as root) with "pacman -U package.pgk.tar.gz"

After failing with the first oner, I tried the second but this time using the correct install method. However, I just couldn't satisfy its voracious apetite for dependecies. So I gave up when some of the dependencies just weren't available in pacman.
Finally I tried the first one again, this time using the correct method and it installed fine -- although there seemed to be quite a few warnings came up during the make.
Anyway, it did work and now I have applets in AWN

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