Tuesday, March 25, 2008

How to use an optical mouse

I'm embarrassed about this but it's too late now. It's already happened so I might as well note it here for posterity.

When I got my MacBook 6 months ago I got a wired Mighty Mouse along with it. However, of late I've noted that it's performance was very poor, erratic and annoying. The pointer just simply didn't always go where I wanted it to. I posted about this to both the MacRumors forum and the Ubuntu Intel Mac forum. I neither case did anybody spot what I was doing wrong.

So today, I called Apple tech support and explained the problem. The guy immediately asked what surface I was using the mouse on --- and then I remembered. This is an optical mouse and shouldn't be used on a shiny reflective surface and there I was using it on a relatively shiny mouse pad. I had been told this before, but I forgot.

Anyway, working just on the bare desk, everything is perfect.

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