Monday, March 24, 2008

Last.Fm applet for AWN

I had never really used Last.Fm before today although I had used Pandora and FineTune (on Adobe Air on Mac). But, I had seen a lot of very good reports about Last.Fm and then it showed up in Awn-Extras 0.2.6 as an applet.

However, the first time I tryed it, I just kept getting an error and suspected a Pandora-type restriction (USA-only). But I just idly tried it again today and it worked fine on both the Dell and the Mac. Interestingly, although Last.Fm is installed (from here) on the Dell, it's not there at all on the Mac and yet the Last.Fm applet works fine here.

So, I decided to try it on ArchLinux where I also have AWN and the Last.Fm applet. However, I couldn't get this to work despite many attempts today. nevertheless, I did install Last.Fm from the same link and I can get Last.Fm to play fine in Arch (in fact I'm listening to it now) but it just won't work from the applet.

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