Monday, March 24, 2008

Parted Magic v. 2.1

Parted Magic (or GParted as it was called then) was my first Linux experience some years ago. I really am glad I took that first faltering step into the great unknown world of Unix (I will, of course, admit that very much of it is still unknown to me) as it has been a wonderful learning opportunity.

Anyway, Parted Magic v.2.1 is now available here.

After burning it to CD (it's only 40 MB or something) you've got not just a marvelous partition tool but also a lot of new additions since previous versions. For example, as a lot of partitioning work can be time-consuming, Parted Magic now offers you Firefox to while away your time while waiting for the partitioning to finish.

There's a lot of other new stuff too, but I haven't looked at this.

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