Tuesday, March 11, 2008

More struggling with torrentflux

No, getting torrentflux and its associated servers up and running isn't going to be very easy. But it is educational.
Today I tried from this Ubuntu-specific guide.
Note that the first code shown in this guide (sudo aptitude install torrentflux) is only to illustrate something that is not to be used until Step3.
Everything worked for me up to Step 2a, however, I couldn't get the Port 80 open without shutting down the router firewall. Then it worked fine.
However, I made an error in the installation of torrentflux so didn't get any further today.
in any event, it's good I came across this guide because the Polishguide never responded to my query. In addition, this guide doesn't mention anything about getting router Port 80 open.
Anyway, I hope by the end of the weelk to have mad more significant progress on this.

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