Monday, March 10, 2008

Setting up torrentflux -- part2

This is turning into bit of a marathon but it's interesting nonetheless.
First, it was actually very easy to import the structure file (or whatever it's called into the new database). Once you're inside phpMyAdmin, just click the Import tab.
Then choose the torrent-flux.sql file you want to import and press Go. You should get a success message -- atleast, I did.
However, then I ran into problems.
When the Polish guide says

Now we have to move TorrentFlux files and edit its configuration file to enable connection with database
it is not clear to me exactly how to do the editing as no worked example is given
Secondly, the guide says
We go to the address where TF is supposed to be and log in

but this is not at all clear to me.
I was able to get to my newly installed database as the guide suggested but it didn't give the login page expected.
I put a question/comment on the webpage pf the guide but no answer has appeared up to now.
So, I looked to see was there any other way of getting this job done.
And there was -- right here in Ubuntu. Not only that, but the guide seems much more thorough and the reuqired software is all available in the ubuntu repos.
So, tried it but quicly found that my previously installed sql and php database stuff was conflicting with this new install.
Then I tried to uninstall the earlier installed stuff (apt-get remove --purge ) but ended up not just uninstlling the stuff I wanted but seemingly verything else on my Ubuntu install (all the gnome and compiz stuff).
So, I had o re-install Ubuntu. Luckily I have my /home which has saved me countless times -- really everybody should always have a /home (i.e. a separate home partition).
However, the re-install caused some problems because what had previously been called /dev/hda6 is seemingly this time called /dev/sda6. It took me a while to figure this out.
But anyway, I've got ubuntu back up and I'm just now installing all the updates. Tomorow I've got to get compiz-fusion and AWN back as well as fix up my multiboot system because the boot files for Debian Sid and Zenwalk will have been lost. But it'll be eay get thse back.
Then when that's all sorted out, I have another go at installing torrentflux and all of the server and database stuff that goes with it.
Also if I have a problem here the thread in the forum is still very much alive.
In addition, it seems that to get that web-based OS (eyeOS) working I need to download some stuff and get a similar server/db thing operational so I may be killing two birds with the one stone here.

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