Sunday, March 09, 2008

No progress with AWN-extras-applets in FreeBSD 7.0

Yes, this is where I have the configuration problem. The main issue seems to be that the "awn" package is not found during the configuration which causes it to error out.
Details are available in this thread.
However, the fact that little help is coming from this forum suggests it's not a FreeBSD problem. So it's got to be something to do with AWN.
Maybe tomorrow I'll post something else on the AWN forums.
Then, if this fails, which I suspect it will, I'll have to go back to that German guy who seems to know both FBSD and Awn. Also he seems quite friendly which is good. However, I want to keep him friendly so need to avoid swamping him with silly questions untl I have exhausted all other options.

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