Friday, March 28, 2008

Sound card in FreeBSD 7.0

Apparently, FreeBSD (for the moment anyway) can't see my Creative Sound Blaster card when the very same card is detected by four Linux OSes and Windows XP on the very same machine.

I found this out when I installed Last.Fm from ports today (incidentally, this was a 50 minutes make-install-clean which may be the longest I have come across to date). Even though Last.Fm seems to work fine, it can't detect the sound card.

Then I went to the handbook which outlines how to configure the Creative sound Blaster card. However, this didn't work for me.

Next I went to the forums where a guy showed me a very interesting and useful thread detailing driver selection. Everything I tried here indicated that, for whatever reason, my soundcard is not being detected by the kernel which is weird.

However, I know I will resolve this soon but, right now, I just can't imagine what the solution will be.

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