Monday, March 03, 2008

Upgraded to FBSD 7.0

First I tried to upgrade using this guide which involves no CDs and everything comes fromthe network.
However, this ran into a problem as I had made a change to /etc/ttys/ in order to get kde to start on boot.
So, finally, I decided to download the first (only) of the three iso CDs and I went ahead and clean-installed this.
Everything went fairly smoothly and I was fairly quickly back (about 5 hours) to where I was yesterday but now with FBSD 7.0
I fully expected that I could easily symlink /usr/bin/fusion-icon to get it to start at boot but this didn't happen. That is until the guy in the same thread as yesterday solved the problem.

I then tried to see if I could build AWN from source in FBSD 7.0 but I made no progress here.
I did however, get the name of a guy who apparently has gotten AWN working in FBSD and I'm going to email him tomorrow. Hopefully, he will help me.

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