Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Convert .wma files to .mp3

Well, seems I was wrong in what I said yesterday about lame doing this conversion; it doesn't.
Also, another script I had picked up from somewhere seems to only rename the .wma file to .mp3 but it still remains .wma.
So, for this reason, it plays in Ubuntu but not in eyeOS.

Nevertheless, there is, of coures, a way to do this.
What worked for me was this 2-step procedure (first, make sure mplayer is installed):

1. Convert the .wma to .wav using this command:
mplayer name.wma -ao pcm:file=name.wav
2. Use lame to convert the .wav to .mp3 as before
lame name.wav name.mp3

where, obviously, name stands for whatever you call the various files.
The first command I got from here.

I'm sure it must be possible to pipe the .wav file from the first step to the second step to make this a 1-command task.
I'll have to look into this

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