Monday, April 21, 2008

eyeOS working on my MacBook.

Although I had been able to install eyeOS on both the Desktop and the MacBook very recently using this guide, when I tried this yesterday again on the MacBook (enforced by having to re-install Ubuntu because of Foresight install probs), I could not get the install.php to launch the eyeOS installer.
Details are given in this forum post.
Actually, I had posted also to Ubuntu forums (server platforms) and php builder forum.
A lot of consistency in the replies I got in all three forums where Xampp was the suggested solution.
So, I installed xampp from here and it really is so very easy to install. Actually it just consists of extracting a .tar.gz file.
Xampp has a Status utility that tells you which of the stuff it installed (Apache2, php5, MySQL) is actually running.
Thereafter, it was just a matter of moving the eyeOS_1.5.0.5.tar.gz file from the desktop to /opt/lampp/htdocs/xampp/ instead of to /var/www as in the guide. Everything else was followed exactly as in the guide.

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