Monday, April 21, 2008

Foresight installed on my MacBook

This is my first post for nearly two weeks. The reason for this is that I've been in Brazil since the last post. A combination of some unfortunate turn-of-events together with some extreme but very genuine Brazilian hospitality has severely limited the availability of my blogging time.
Anyway, I managed to get Foresight 2.0 installed and working fine on my MacBook.
The primary, if not the only, obstacle here was that the Foresight installer got very upset that I wasn't putting the boot partition (actually the root partition) on one of the first partitions and refused to go any further.
Of course, this is totally false as I already had two other Linux OSes on partitions other than the first four and they boot fine.
Nevertheless, I had to move Ubuntu root out of /dev/sda3 and re-install it in /dev/sda10 (without reformatting its /home). Note that I put the Ubuntu Grub bootloader in the mbr and it booted fine from here.
Then I put Foresight 2.0 on /dev/sda3 (although I made a mess of creating a /home -- have to look at how I can retrieve that situation) and everything worked fine.
I posted details to the Foresight forum

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