Monday, April 07, 2008

Some comments from Foresight people

The post I made a couple of days ago about my view on ForesightLinux 2.0, having used it for about a week, received some comments from Foresight people.
Just to point out that my blog, such as it is, is written entirely for my own benefit.
I used to do this by hand in an old note book that inevitably got lost. Also, as I do a lot of traveling, it was never with me when I wanted it.
So putting all these views of mine online at least made them unlosable which is very important for somebody as sloppy as me.
The points I put forward are meant neither to impress nor offend anybody. They're just how I feel right now.
If anybody else wants to read my blog, go right ahead but accept my views for what they are.
Now having said that, I'm going to be away from home, and therefore away from my desktop where Foresight is, for a month (indeed I'm writing this from CDG airport in Paris, France). Nevertheless, as I think I said yesterday, I've made a major rearrangement of my partitions on my MacBook so that I can install Foresight on there which I intend to do in the next couple of days.
I don't believe this means that Foresight for me is anything wonderful (at the moment) but I find it challenging and I don't like to leave challenges undefeated.
In addition, I did hook up to the #foresight IRC channel on Sunday. Although I didn't solve my problem, I did find it helpful.
However, while I accept that the forum is new and therefore cannot expect to have thousands of users, I think it is important for the experts/developers to show up now and again to demonstrate that eager newbies such as myself are not left to fend for themselves as otherwise they may just get discouraged.

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