Monday, April 21, 2008

Installed Haiku on MacBook

Installed the latest Haiku weekly Superpack from here after installing VMware Server using this guide.
Haiku seems to be now called Senryu although Haikuware is still referred to.
Can't say that I've noticed anything very different from the last time I used Haiku on the Desktop although the BeOS version of Opera now seems a little easier to use although it's nothing like what it is in Ubuntu (for example).
The most annoying problem here is that everytime I open the Senryu VM I have to open the Launch box and Network status desktop applets. However, Links is now available from a Terminal since I started to Append, rather than Overwrite, the file mentioned during the boot.
A problem I had today was that I got a message saying that I'm running out of space in the /home partition which is where my virtualmachines folder is.
I hd a look and found a 500MB (lot of numbers).vmem file in there. As I had no idea what this does, I deleted it.From what I can see, eliminating this has made no difference to anything although it must be doing something.

Edit: This thread explains what .vmem files are and how to stop them forming.

Another thing is that the .vmdk file is 1.2 GB in size which seems quite enormous given the very limited capabilities of Haiku up to now.

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  1. > Haiku seems to be now called Senryu
    > although Haikuware is still
    > referred to.

    The name Senryu is for the Haiku distro from Haikuware.

    Haikuware is not associated with the Haiku project, and their packages are not (and have never been) the official Haiku distribution. That's why they were asked to change the name to something else, ergo the name Senryu.