Sunday, April 06, 2008

Installing awn-extras from source in Foresight

After the IRC chat, I went back to what I had learnt about installing awn-extras from source in the awn forum where I learnt I must install avant-window-navigator:devellib.

Using =@f1:2-devel, I just got a "not found" error. However, when I use =@fl:2-devel, it was found and was installed.

Then I checked the test command and no error occurred. Great. So, went ahead with./configure. Two missing packages were noted (libsexy, libnotify and librsvg-2.0) The first two I got from the foresight devel repo and the last I downloaded as a tar.gz and installed with ./install-sh.

Note however, that because this was installed in usr/local/lib and I had changed the pkgconfig PATH away from that, I had to change the pkgconfig back to a prefix of /usr/local.  So, that's something else I've learnt. I might go back to FreeBSD where I had exactly the same problems trying to install awn-extras and nobody could explain this to me (or maybe I just didn't understand what they said.

Despite this advance, I got caught out with the next missing package which was libgnome-menu. This is not in the foresight repos and only available as a deb file outside which, AFAIK, cannot be opened in Foresight. So, I got no further than this. I'll go back to the forums to try and get some help with this.

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