Friday, April 04, 2008

More router wireless problems

I spoke to Eircom (our ISP) today as we've had no wireless since early yesterday.

Once again, the guy said that the SSID can go haywire or something nw and again. To fix it is a very simple procedure of just shutting down and restarting the router,  Then making a change to the SSID and reconnecting the network.

This time, as well however, the guy changed the "privacy" setting to WPA-PSK. Surprisingly, I didn't think this was available on our network but apparently it is.

Another advantage of WPA, according to this guy, is that you can "personalise" the network name and the encryption key (I just initially put my name+ a number for the SSID and my address (27 characters) for the key). Actually, I had thought that WPA keys were huge (maybe 64 characters) but apparently not. This guy said a minimum of 20 hexadecimal characters are needed.

Very interesting, but I went back to the "factory settings" by resetting the router to try to avoid having to change the wireless settings on all the OSes on the Mac. Also I wasn't sure if having WPA meant having to use wpa-supplicant in all the Linux OSes. However, after this introduction maybe I'll look at it some time soon.

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