Saturday, April 05, 2008

General remarks about Forsight Linux after 1 week

Right now, I have Foresight operating reasonably well in that compiz-fusion works, Opera works, AWN works (but no applets) and most of the things that are important to me are there ready and waiting.

However, in its present state I could never pick Foresight as my Linux OS of choice primarily because the Forum is absolute crap. Few use it and there is a shortage if not an absence of real experts. Without a good forum such as Ubuntu and ArchLinux have, I really can't see any OS surviving.

Of course, I haven't yet tried the Foresight IRC channel which is reported to be very helpful. With the problems I have, I'm going to have to go IRC. However (and this is one of the problem) I can't start Pidgin as it keeps seg-faulting.

Another problem is that Banshee doesn't at all operate smoothly. At times, it won't start claiming "no codecs" and gstreamer problems. But after a reboot it starts fine.

However, even after starting it may stop after 30 minutes or so claiming that the "database is locked".

Incidentally, I posted to the forum about this latter problem. My guess, I will not get any useful replies, if any.

Foresight needs some more teachers/experts badly or it'll sink.


  1. The forum looks under used because it is brand new. It was just launched less than a month ago. I agree that you should check out the irc channel. There are quite a few helpful people in there most of the time.

  2. I will echo what etank said... the forum is very new, just as our distro is new, and I'm actually excited that its uptake has been so fast given that it has only been up for a couple of weeks. Truly, the only way to be able to tell any forum is useful is to post on it and see what responses you get from the community. After all, a forum is an interactive tool, not a static documentation resource (though even the Foresight wiki invites contributors). I encourage you to register and post. Those of us at the forum look forward to hearing from you. :-)

  3. BTW, didn't mean to imply your initial posting efforts were invalid. ;-) Just remember that community building takes time and willingness on folks to speak out, just as you have. So please continue to post to help us build this community and truly make it the strong distro you'd like to see. :-)