Monday, April 28, 2008

What else I had to do to get VMware Server working in Foresight

The first problem I had in Foresight was the lack of compile tools. But this is all explained in the online Manual.
So, I typed
sudo conary update group-gnome-dist-devel
and the process started.
However, it installs more than 1 GB of stuff and I only had about 500 MB of space available. So, when I completely ran out of space I had to abort this operation and whip out my Parted Magic 2.1 disk and try to get some more space in my Foresight partition.
This worked fine although it took about 3-4 hours to do.
However, there were some problems ahead:
1. Grub seems to have been messed up in the mbr by the repartitioning so I had to reinstall Grub in the mbr by the following (in grub as root):

root (hd0,9)
setup (hd0)

2. This got the penguin back in the rEFIt menu but it still gave me a "Missing Operating System" error during the boot.
Turns out that I had mistakenly typed setup (hd0,9) instead of setup (hd0).
This got things working again although now I had two penguins (I presume the second one was the non-functioning one that had appeared first).

3. Although Foresight booted fine from the Grub menu, Ubuntu broke out of the GUI boot and eventually stopped at a root shell.
I'm still unclear wht the problem is/was here. All I did was to remove the line referring to the partition I had removed with Parted Magic and now Ubuntu booted, although it still departs briefly from the GUI boot.

Edit (29-04-08): Referring to point 2 above, actually, the second penguin is just as functional as the first one. However, in looking at /efi/refit/refit.conf on the Mac, there seems to be no way to get rid of that second penguin by editing this file.

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