Saturday, May 31, 2008

Glide OS

I mentioned in the other blog yesterday that I was going to try Glide OS which is (like eyeOS and Zimdesk) a web desktop OS.
One thing I liked about this was that 5 GB of free storage was mentioned and, yes, it's absolutely true.
Now this much more realistic than the pitiful 100 MB offered by eyeOS and Zimdesk.
Actually, Glide looks pretty good. I was easily able to upload music and play it.
However, would have liked to have had my blogs accessible but couldn't manage this.
However, I just couldn't find a forum for Glide which sounds extremely strange a it would have been a way to learn and get help with problems.
Nevertheless, looks good at first glance and the 5GB is great.
Here's a review of a number of other web OSes (including eyeOS and Glide) which concludes that Glide is by far the best of all these.

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