Saturday, May 31, 2008

Synergy now works well

I set up Synergy to run with Ubuntu Hardy on both computers, thinking that perhaps having Sidux as the server computer might have been the cause of my poor mouse performance on the client computer.
However, it made absolutely no difference.
Then did a bit of googling and found that, indeed, the problem seemed to be with the new Ubuntu version (Hardy 8.04). A solution given was to start the client as root.
So instead of just

synergyc -f

I ran
sudo synergyc -f

on the client. This did the trick and everything worked fine.
Tomorrow I'll go back to Sidux (and possibly Foresight) as the server and see can I get it to work there as well.
Incidentally, the major benefit here for me is being able to very easily cut and paste between computers. That really is very nice.

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