Friday, May 16, 2008

Got qdbus working in Foresight 2.0.1

A reply from the Foresight forum pointed me to this command

conary rq --path=/usr/bin/qdbus

which searches the conary repos.
This gave me this reply

So, running
sudo conary update qt4-core:runtime=4.3.4+r780381-0.1-1

installed this updated version of qt4-core (also installable from sudo conary update qt4-core=@fl:2-qa).
After this I could use qdbus again in Foresight.
Some further explanation of the conary rq command is provided in the forum thread.
Now, of course, the reason I particularly wanted to get qdbus running was to be able to use
qdbus org.kde.yakuake /yakuake/window toggleWindowState

in order to open the yakuake window when no other means was available.
Here, I was hoping that opening it like this would bring back the Configure Yakuake option which, as I reported yesterday, only opens in FS on my MacBook as a featureless very large blue window that doesn't allow me to do anything.
Unfortunately, this didn't at all help and I can't get away from this blue window.
Incidentally, on the desktop, where FS 2.0.1 is also installed (but Yakuake was installed before upgrading from FS 2.0, I still can't get the Configure Yakuake window. Here it shows up as a totally white window with absolutely nothing in it.
I think I might have to email that developer guy again to see if he can help me resolve this.

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