Thursday, May 15, 2008


Seeing as I can't (for some unknown reason) get qdbus to work in Foresight 2.0.1, I decided to try dbus-send which does more or less the same thing.
One advantage of dbus-send is that it is avaialbale in Foresight 2.0.1
Unfortunately, the format it requires in order to enter into a running program and do something there (actually, it seems that this type of command is useful when remotely entering a running machine and you want to make it do something).
So this seems to be why the Yakuake developer guy used qdbus to open its window when no other option was available.
My first few attempts to get dbus-send to open this window led to various errors. But using this thread I eventually got to a dbus-send command that looks OK and doesn't give any errors. This is it:

dbus-send --dest='org.kde.yakuake' /org/kde/yakuake/window org.kde.yakuake.window.toggleWindowState

Unfortunately it doesn't actually do anything but, as there seems to be an awful lot more info on dbus-send than for qdbus, I'll continue looking at this to try to get it to work on Yakuake.
A prime reason for this is that I believe that if I can get it to open via dbus, I think perhaps the Configure Yakuake window will be more useful (don't ask me why).

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