Thursday, May 08, 2008

MacBook in trouble again.

Last Monday (5-05-2008), I loaned my MacBook to Larissa in Brazil. She is 13 years old and said she wanted to use it to look at some YouTube videos.
So, I left it with her hooked up on the dining room table with power cable and internet cable extending from there to power socket and router.
I went out for about two hours and when I came back, I was informed that only a white screen showed on the computer. It later emerged that the computer had somehow fallen off the table.
Today I brought it to CompuB shop in Limerick (who had replaced the HD last December when it also gave up the ghost probably due to falling off the bed when I had a diabetic problem).
The guy took out my HD and replaced it with another and the computer seemed to work fine suugesting that only the HD was knackered. he tried something called Disk Warrior to rebuild the HD (or at least the 90 GB MacOSX part). So, the disk seemed to be at least partially readable so maybe I can rescue some stuff.
Should know more tomorrow.
Bearing in mind that I had thought the whole computer was damaged beyond repair and was prepared to buy a new one, the actually situation may actually be a lot more rosy.

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