Thursday, May 29, 2008

More efforts to get VMware Server working well in Linux on MacBook

OK, so VMware Server in Sidux on the MacBook just wasn't great based on my initial experience with Haiku.
Then I tried Kurumin (new 8.04 Beta) VM in Sidux and had quite a few problems. In particular, when in Firefox (never got as far as installing Opera), there was a distinct tendency for the mouse pointer to become either very slow/unresponsive or actually disappear altogether.
Because of these problems, I decided I'd have a look at how VMware Server stacks up in Hardy and Foresight.
However, in both cases, although the install seemed to go fine, clicking on VMware Server Console in Applications>Other gave nothing. Trying from a terminal (vmware-server-console)gave a "command not found" error.
Then I remembered that in the case of both installs, I had asked for bridging to be set up for both ath0 and eth0 in the Virtual Machines. I wanted to not have to plug in the ethernet cable when I started up a VM on the Mac. However, maybe this was the problem.
So, I had to uninstall all of what was installed and start again.
To uninstall use this:


(See here for more details)
Then reinstall VMware server as normal (see guide)
This time just bridge eth0 rather than trying for both eth0 and ath0 (wonder what would happen if I just selected ath0 -- is the VM set up to handle wireless?)
Now, the VMware Server can be started as normal.
Some things I noticed:
1. The Kurumin 8.04 screen in Foresight is the size you'd expect for the default 800x600 resolution. In Sidux, however, it fills the screen (after hitting fullScreen) but still "looks" like 800x600.
2. On the desktop, I was able to add the appropriate cheatcode to get the 1280x1024 screen to show for Kurumin 7 VM (in Ubuntu). But, certainly in Foresight, there doesn't seem to be any opportunity available to add this cheatcode. So does this mean we're stuck at 800x600?
3. In neither case have I added vmware-tools to kurumin 8.04 so that might make a big difference.
4. Mouse movement in Kurumin in Foresight was pretty good although still not quite perfect -- again this may well be because vmware-tools hasn't yet been installed.

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