Wednesday, May 28, 2008

VMware Server installed in Sidux

Still in the process of getting my MacBook HDD set up just as it was before it "fell off a table" in Brasil. Just noticed today that I hadn't got virtualization set up on any of the OSes currently installed (Hardy, Foresight, Sidux).
So, as I was working on the configuration of Sidux at the moment, I installed VMware Server here.
This went without a single problem although I had to use the any-any patch. I followed this guide for Ubuntu. But apart from not using "sudo" (I used sux), I didn't have to change anything to get this guide to work perfectly.
I then downloaded and extracted the latest Senryu from Haikuware Superpacks and placed it in ~/virtualmachines. It started up fine, but there's a major problem with the mouse. It's just not very controllable and is close to being unusable. I played around with the mouse preferences and got a very small improvement by slowing down. However, very far from being satisfactory. Very much looks like it needs vmware-tools but, IIRC, this is not available for Senryu/Haiku.
I'm currently downloading Kurumin 8.04 Beta with the intention of setting this up as VM. This will tell me if the problem is just haiku or VMware Server has a problem. I suspect the former.

Edit: (2-06-2008)
The guide that I referred to above no longer includes the commands needed to download and install the any-any patch as, apparently, newer versions of VMware Server don't need it.
Nevertheless, as it may still be needed in the many non-Ubuntu OSes in which I might want to install VMware Server, I'm going to add it here separately:

tar -xzvf vmware-any-any-update-116.tgz
cd vmware-any-any-update116/
sudo ./

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