Friday, May 09, 2008

No music on Foresight 2.0 on desktop

I used to use an older version of Banshee (0.33 or something) in Foresight on the desktop. However, although it used to play, it used to run into a problem (data base locked error or something very similar).
Then when I installed Foresight on the laptop, I installed the beta version of Banshee (banshee-1-0.99-beta) which worked absolutely perfectly.
So I tried banshee-1 on the desktop using this command to install it:

sudo conary update banshee-1

Although it installed fine, nothing plays in it. In particular, the marker indicating how much of the song has been played doesn't move at all.
I posted to the forum on this although no solution was provided as yet.
Then I installed Rhythmbox in Foresight but this equally did not play and gave Bug Buddy errors. did the very same thing.
This is interesting although I'm not at all sure how I'm going to solve it.

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