Friday, May 09, 2008

Install vmware-tools in Kurumin VM

I'm not sure whether I had previously installed vmware-tools in Kurumin VM on the desktop (VMware Server) but, instead of "You don't have vmware-tools installed", at the bottom of the screen it said "Your version of vmware-tools is out of date".
Plus, I can't say that I noticed any major performance difference between the desktop version and the version I had on my laptop (MacBook C2D) which definitely didn't have vmware-tools installed.
In any event, I installed the tools again using this guide.
Here I used the "Installing VMware Tools from the Command Line with the Tar Installer" method and it went smoothly with no problems.
From what I could see the tools were definitely installed as issuing the command
/usr/bin/vmware-toolbox brought up a configuration box.
In addition, everything seemed to be just where it was supposed to be. Nevertheless, no vmware-tools icon appeared in the Kurumin tray and, once again, I can't say I noticed any great difference in performance.
One more thing I need to do is to add vmware-toolbox to the ~/.kde/Autostart/ within Kurumin VM.

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