Friday, May 23, 2008

Progress, and lack of it, in getting Sidux configured

Well, so far, Sidux is functioning fairly OK with no major problems.
I got compiz-fusion and fusion-icon installed from here and then I installed madwifi trunk from here (yes, I know this is for Ubuntu but it worked OK for me in Sidux).
Note that madwifi was installed during the Sidux install. Then I installed it again using

m-a a-i madwifi

In both cases a lot seemed to happen but certainly no wireless networks were recognised after this.
Only when I installed madwifi trunk using the above link did iwconfig start to show me something useful.
A strange thing is that during the boot, quite some time is wasted looking for IP offers to eth0 even though the cable is not connected. Nevertheless, when I get to the Desktop, the wireless (KNemo) is already connected and everything works. I'll have to look at how i can streamline this -- it's still a bit messy.
Another strange thing is that I can't get AWN to start. It's available in the repos and it seems to get installed. But trying to start it from a terminal gives what looks like a dbus problem. Not much in google about this but I'll keep trying.

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