Sunday, May 18, 2008

Scanner use on the desktop

I haven't used my Epson Perfection 1260 scanner for some time but resurected it today and got it to work in Windows XP (where it had worked before). However, after re-installing the drivers off the Epson CD that came with the machine, when I tried to run the scanner, it kept saying that it couldn't find the scanner software.
So, I checked on Google and downloaded the online driver for my scanner and thereafter it seemed to work fine via the Epson Smart Panel.
Then I tried to get it working on Ubuntu.
So, I went to Applications>Graphics>Xsane and this had two "scanners" detected one of which was my Logitech webcam, but the other was the Epson 1260. So this was perfect.
Next, I tried to do the same thing on Foresight 2.0.1 on the desktop. Here no Xsane was installed although it was available in the repos. So I installed it but it didn't show up under Applications.
Instead, I opened it from a terminal. But xsane couldn't detect any scanning devices until I opened it from a terminal as root.
On googling this problem, it seems that it is not uncommon as detailed here.
These commands are useful in diagnosing problems here:

scanimage -L

and it might be worthwhile running both as root if running as user yields a blank.
However, while the link I gave seems to give an easy solution for this problem, unfortunately, there is no /etc/udev/rules.d/*-libsane-rules in Foresight 2.0.1 on my computer so that rules that fix out.
I posted to the Foresight on this here but got no replies up to now.

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