Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sidux 2008-1 nyx on MacBook

Still trying to get my Mac back to where it was before it dropped off a table in Brazil. So, today, I installed Sidux (version 2008-1 nyx) on the internal HD (sda7=/, sda8=/home).
The installation was very straightforward and quick (5-6 minutes).
The only strange things worth commenting on were:
1. Tried to install madwifi during the install and it complained about no network connection. So, to rectify this, I had to go out into the LiveCD environment and use Control Center to configure the eth0 connection. This was easy enough and was troublefree after that.
2. However, even though the madwifi install seemed to go fine, wireless was not available when I booted into Sidux.
3. Just a very minor thing, when I rebooted to do the Sidux install from the LiveCD, the LiveCD icon showed up in rEFIt as a Legacy OS. Now I've had trouble when that showed up before (Missing Operating System in particular), but this time no problems at all were encountered.

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