Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Foresight update problem

I had posted to the Foresight forum about this but did not get any immediately helpful replies.
In general, this may mean that the problem is specific to my computer.
So, I had a look in Foresight on the Desktop (which I hadn't opened in some time). I got more or less the same error when I tried to update here too. Plus, when I did the lm_sensors things, the resulting error referred to yakuake.
The fact that I had the problem on BOTH of my computers and nobody else seems to have had, AND the error refers to Yakuake which probably very few if any Foresight people have (as it's not truly in the repos), seems to suggest only one thing.
So, does this mean I have to uninstall Yakuake?
Well, painful as it was, this is what I did. Then I did the update and it went smoothly without problems.
So, it was Yakuake!!!
Now however, I'm faced with the task of reinstalling Yakuake.
I looked at where it is in the repo browser and then I found that what was there was a x86-64 version. So, this may well explain why I had such problems with it.
Now, I trying to compile the 2.8.1 version of Yakuake (I selected this as the updated version 2.9.3 is very kde4 oriented - and probably isn't going to work in Gnome).
Tomorrow I should have some news on how this install attempt went.

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