Friday, June 27, 2008

Installing CheckGmail in Foresight (Dell)

I got checkgmail deb and each of its 12 dependencies as mentioned here. Then I used to send them all over to Ubuntu, where I converted all of the .deb files to .tgz using

sudo alien -t filename.deb

Then I sent everything back to Foresight, where all the files including checkgmail were installed simply by extracting the files in /.
Now, when I tried to run checkgmail from a terminal, I got an error message saying that both Gtk2 and Gtk2::trayicon were missing.
So, I used this command to install each of them individually:
sudo perl -MCPAN -e 'install Gtk2'

However, a further three files/packages were indicated as missing by these attempts. Each of these was installed using the same perl command.
When everything was installed, checkgmail worked perfectly.
Note, however, that it seems probable that the later problem I had with awn-manager not working in Foresight on this computer was due to the Gtk2 installs here (see next post).

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