Friday, June 27, 2008

Problems getting Foresight to update (both computers).

Yesterday, I mentioned that it seemed like Yakuake was the problem with not being able to update on either computer.
On the Dell, this certainly was the problem. Once Yakuake was uninstalled, updating proceeded smoothly.
However, didn't go so well on the Mac for reasons I still don't understand.
Although most of the 127 updates (this is even after reinstalling Foresight and formatting both / and /home -- so nothing left from previous install) installed, with about 25 left I got this error:

ERROR: An unexpected condition has occurred in Conary. This is
most likely due to insufficient handling of erroneous input, but
may be some other bug. In either case, please report the error at and attach to the issue the file

Then, for more complete information, please run the following script:
conary-debug "/usr/bin/conary updateall"
You can attach the resulting archive to your issue report at For more information, or if you have
trouble with the conary-debug command, go to:

To get a debug prompt, rerun the command with --debug-all

Error details follow:

type: [Errno 1] Operation not permitted

The complete related traceback has been saved as /tmp/conary-error-lshGTz.txt

I've tried this a number of times after rebooting, but still get the same error.
Can't think of anything else other than to post to the forum. I'll do this tomorrow.

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