Thursday, June 26, 2008

Installing Yakuake from source in Foresight

I downloaded ythe source version of Yakuake 2.8.1 (as tar.gz) and strated compileing (./configure, make, sudo make install).However got a lot of errors about stuff missing.
Here's a list of what I installed:

sudo conary update qt=@fl:2-devel (this is a big install with various qt packages)
kdebase (add/remove programs)

After this, the ./configure worked.
However, make gave this error
/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lfam

Here I installed group-kdebase, but still got the same make error.
Finally, through much Googling, I found that the likely problem was the absense of libfam-dev.
The next problem was to find an available package that I could install in Foresight.However, all I found was a .deb package on the Debian site.
So, I downloaded this, sent it over to Ubuntu (, used alien to convert it to .tgz (alien -t filename.deb) and then sent it back to Foresight.
Here I extracted the libfam-dev.tgz which gave a /usr folder. This I compressed to .atr.gz and moved it to the root directory. Here I uncompressed it and that was it.
Now, both make and sudo make install worked fine.

However, when I tried to start Yakuake from a terminal, for a "no DCOP communication" error.
This was the same error I saw when I tried to install K3B in Foresight. I posted to the forum about this here.
As in this previous example, two "dependencies" were indicated:
However, I just installed the FIRST one and Yalkuake worked perfectly. In addition, the major problems I had with getting F12 to operate the drop-down were totally gone. F12 worked just as it does in all the other distros.
Looks like my problem before was due to me using the x86-64 version (which was the only one available in the repo).

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