Saturday, June 21, 2008

KuruminNG looking better

For reasons I don't understand, now the Configurações do Sistema>>Monitor & Video always allows me to change the screen resolution although I not aware of having done anything to encourage this change.
Even so, it still appears that the /etc/X11/xorg.conf is being overwritten (or rewritten) on every boot so that, although the login page is 1280x1024, it goes to 1024x768 when the desktop appears. However, at least now it's an easy job to reconfigure it back to 1280x1024.

Nevertheless, I finally got the 3D effects to work. It appears that I just had to install Desktop Effects from the repos (installed Compiz Fusion Icon from same repo). Then kjust go to Sistema>>Desktop Effects.
Now the CCSM, which I had installed yesterday, came to life and allowed me to choose plugins. So, now have rotating cube and wobbly windows Have installed the Emerald Manager but still have to import themes just as in Ubuntu.
I also installed AWN from the repo but it won't start giving the same DBUS error I got with Arch in May.

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