Thursday, June 19, 2008

Madwifi in Mandriva

Today I installed the madwifi wireless driver in Mandriva 2008 Spring and it was very easy with no surprises.
What I did came from this guide (Guide One) but I don't agree that it was well written as the blurb contends. So, I'm just going to outline the exact steps I took to get wifi up and running in Mandriva on m MacBook.
First, make sure Subversion is installed in Mandriva (from repos) and then use su to get into root on the terminal. Let's go:


urpmi kernel-source gcc cvs

2. Change directory to wherever you want to download madwifi (I just use ~) and then
svn checkout madwifi

3. Then compile the driver
cd madwifi
make clean
make install

4. Now load the driver
modprobe ath_pci

and then reboot.
5. Now go to Menu>Tools.System Tools>Configure your Computer and add your root password.
6. In the Mandriva Control Center that opens, select Network & Internet>Set up a new network>wireless
7. You should now see your wireless card listed as an available interface. Select it.
8. Now, if you see your network SSID, select it. However, if this is the first time you probably won't so just add the information asked for (SSID etc)
9. Next I like to select Auto IP and manually select my DNS servers and hostname
10. Finally, I always choose to start wireless connection at boot and allow roaming
11. Finish and it should connect (assuming your ethernet cable is NOT plugged in.

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