Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Synergy with Foresight Server

Installed Synergy (from source 1.3.1.tar.gz) today on the MacBook in Foresight 2.0.2 Then I set up Foresight as the server and Ubuntu (on the Dell) as the client.
Everything worked fine other than copy from the server to the client only worked rarely. On the other hand, copying from client to server worked fine as did the server mouse and keyboard on the client.
I posted to the Synergy Community Forums on this but have yet to get a reply.
Some other things I learnt about Synergy today:

1. Works fine with a wireless connection on the server (well, why wouldn't it?)
2. Set it up to run "in the background" and this works fine and doesn't tie up your terminals. Do this just by leaving out the -f from the commands So server start becomes:

synergys --config synergy.conf

and client start becomes

3. Strangely, when I try to start the client with "synergy server_hostname", it doesn't work. Not sure why this is.
4. I can easily stop the client by just running "killall synergyc", although this has to be run as root (sudo) in Ubuntu as the client only works well if started as root.
However, "killall synergys" or "sudo killall synergys" do not stop the server. This is puzzling as they're the commands recommended.
I also tried kill 'process number -- from ps -e' but this doesn't work either and neither does "pkill synergys". The only way I found to stop the server is to reboot which is certainly very drastic.

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