Sunday, June 01, 2008

Synergy working in Foresight 2.0.2

I had quite some problems getting Synergy installed in Foresight but eventually I got it.
As I had already installed Synergy from repos in Ubuntu and Sidux, I thought I should be able to do the same in Foresight.
It is actually listed in the rPath repos but it won't install apparently because it's in a repo (desktop) that's deprecated. More detail of what I did is provided in this thread.
So, then I tried to compile it from source (tar.gz) and this worked fine. Just needed the usual three steps (./configure, make, make install).
So far, I've only used Foresight (on Dell) as the client but it works fine. Interesting that in Foresight I don't need to launch Synergy in the client as root.

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