Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Kurumin -- some minor additions.

KuruminNG working very well now on my Dell with KDE 4.1. Operates smoothly and looks great. Honestly, there's very little to complain about.
However, I not really sure how distinctive it is from any other Debian-based distro with KDE4 (other than that the forum for Kurumin is in Portuguese). I haven't had any problems with the Adept package manager, it works fine. Is it any better or worse than Synaptic is hard to say.
Amarok2 is a very nice, thorough and well-matured mediaplayer. I'm impressed.
If I had to cough up some things that are a little annoying, I would suggest these:
i) Can't get Opera icon to stay in the AWN dock
ii) No panel icon available to shutdown/reboot computer. Instead I have to click LogOut icon, which brings me to the LogIn screen from where I can select the Reboot option from the Menu. Unecessarily longwinded, though.
Today I installed:
1) kcheckgmail from Adept. Works flawlessly. I added a symlink to ~/.kde4/Autstart to get it to launch at boot.
2) Installed Skype without problems. To ensure you can be heard when you make calls, you must select Mic as Capture item rather than CD on your sound card. Other than that, just make sure all the playback items are unmuted.
3) Yesterday, I was lamenting the absence of Last.Fm from Amarok2. Well, of course, I was wrong. To enable Last.Fm you go to Settings>>Configure Amarok>>Internet Services and make sure the Last.Fm option is checked. Then double click it which then asks for your username and password. To play Last.Fm, click on the Internet tab on the left and select Last.Fm. What could be simpler?

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