Thursday, July 24, 2008

My first taste of IPv6

So, I decided to have a look at this guide to configure an IPv6 tunnel in Ubuntu Hardy on the MacBook.
However, there seems to be a substantial part of what's required is actually left out of this guide.
When you register with go6 here, you get an email that tells you that

In order to get IPv6 access, please download and install the go6 client here
Various options are provided in the link but only two are for Linux and all are source codes.
However, both are .exe files. In googling around it seems that you need to rename this file from .tar.exe to .tar.gz.
Now you can untar it and change to the formed tspc-advanced directory.
Here you need to use this command:
make target=linux all

Next, change this file (/etc/tsp/tspc.conf) to include your username, password and server name.
And that seems to be it.
However, after I restart tspc (sudo /etc/init.d/tspc restart) and run ifconfig tun I get his error
tun: error fetching interface information: Device not found

I posted to the guide above about this error and to the go6 forums here. However, no replies as yet.
As an additional piece of information, I looked at the Gateway6 Client Installation Procedure in the ~/Desktop/tspc-advanced directory.
Here, after the compile, it says you need to install gw6c using this command:
sudo make target=linux installdir=/usr/local/gw6c install

This ran for me without error but the subsequent steps
cd /usr/local/gw6c/bin

give this error
Failed to open specified file.
Last error is 15: INVALID_CONFIG_FILE.

So, I'm a bit lost but I'll keep trying. I cannot believe this should be this difficult.

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