Sunday, July 20, 2008

Online storage options

I have a great interest in online storage particularly of the free variety. I believe that in an ideal world computers should only have a small internal HD for essential stuff like OSes but that all data, music and the rest should be stored online somewhere.
Big problems here are how slow it is to upload stuff (I would need almost 12 hours to upload 1 GB of files at my current upload rate of 25 kB/s), unreliability of free online storage servers and how fast you can download it (not much fun waiting 7 hours to download your own 700 MB movie if you can only get a d/l rate of 30 kB/s from the server).
Today I had a look at ADrive which apparently offers a FREE 50 GB of online storage.
Now this sounds amazing. Indeed, almost too good to be true. Unfortunately, I think it might just be that.
Some time ago I had uploaded two files; a small text file of 200 kB and a 124 MB zipped file.
I had no problem at all downloading the text file. However, the larger file just gave no end of troubles, such that I never actually got it to d/l at all, despite multitudinous attempts.
No error messages were sent but it always seemed to just stop downloading as if it had completely finished -- but it wasn't.
I also tried to upload some new stuff as directed -- by drag-dropping the chosen directory on the upload applet. But, this never even looked like it was going to work.
All-in-all, a miserable failure and even though it's free I doubt if I'm going to spend a lot of time looking at ADrive.
Now I was using it in Ubuntu. Maybe it works better in Windows. If so, then I'll probably never know.

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